My First Trip with A Minister


I am blessed, yes I am. I still remember the question from several people that I met during my blog campaign. Why don’t you travel around Indonesia? The answer was simply because of the budget. Mostly, I traveled because of sponsors for my cultural occasions. It’s still too expensive for me to travel around with my own budget. Like a match being struck by the fire, His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic for Indonesia Tomáš Smetánka offered me a job as an interpreter during the visit of His Excellency, Czech Minister of Environment Tomáš Chalupa in 4 biggest cities in Indonesia, Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung for 6 days.

So many experiences that I have been through. It was my first formal job as state interpreter. Of course, I am cursed on my first performance. But day by day, I realized even though I was surrounded by these powerful people, they are still a human being. Jacknass Traveler just reminded me not to make any misinterpretation which might intrigue war between these two countries :p.


As a politician who has a good sense of humor, Mr. Chalupa helped me to appease my anxiety. Indeed, I found that he’s also a humble person although in fact he’s the youngest minister in this Czech cabinet. His officials are also still young but experienced. Due to his intelligence, I bet that his future politic career will be brighter in the future. Well, I made this photo to fulfill my promise to my two Czech Friends in case that I get the job in Czech Embassy in Jakarta.

Thanks to occasion, I could meet two Indonesian ministers, Their Excellency, the Indonesian Minister of Environment Balthasar Kambuaya and Minister of Public Works Djoko Kirmanto. Indeed, I also found that Mr. Kirmanto as another smart and humble politician. I also met with the Vice Governor of Jakarta Ahok Basuki which I found as an assertive leader in making decisions and policies to organize J-Town as a better city to live. Furthermore, we had a meeting with the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan in which occasion that I manifested well my interpreting skill. Even Mr. Chalupa broke the ice by mentioning my relaxation to open his welcome speech :D.

ImageI hadn’t never had any dream to experience chartered flight with a minister before. It made me felt so grateful that I could gain this rare opportunity along with the minister, the ambassador and his deputy and 10 officials, as well as 18 Czech Business delegations. Well, sometimes they speak Czech most of the time which reminded me the ambiance of Kaunas. Even though I am no one compare this great people but I realized that it was such an opportunity for me to learn something from them and make new friends.


Pavel Pešek is the first delegation that I had a chance to discuss intensively in Medan. He’s the Investment Director of Prague Service. He has the same name with Jacknass’ Czech best friend. As for me, he’s a great traveler as well. We shared a lot about our traveling experiences. He told me that it’s good to travel when we’re still young. Because somehow when we’re settled down, a great adventure become such a rare wonderful event. And if Jacknass Traveler and I visit Prague again, he promised me to guide a private excursion for us ;).


Then, I also had a chance to build a conversation with the Deputy CEO of Czechinvest Michal Vodrazka. He’s a very smart man in calculation and a funny father figure. He will gladly teach Jacknass Traveler how to invest in stock exchange if we visit him in Prague. Even, he also invited us to stay in his house.


The next new friend is Journalist of Pravo named Jindrich Ginter. He understands English, but he has a problem to speak. That’s why it was hard for him to deliver his intention in English. However, he’s a nice person and easy going. He reminds me how important to skilled English. Because of this competence, I am able to get this job and to communicate with many people during my journey. Indeed, in relationship with other nationalities. I have to thank English language as well that I am able to communicate smoothly with my perfect travel mate ;).


The last but not least, I would like to thank the Sales and Marketing Director of Vitkovice David Hoš because I am able to give something to Jacknass Traveler. I wish that he’ll have another trip to visit the nature of Indonesia with his beloved wife soon.

As a traveler, it is such a rare opportunity for me to have trips with these powerful people. Even though, I didn’t enjoy the trip as much as if I am having my holidays but this occasional trip makes me being more passionate to work hard in order to achieve my ambitions in the future. Being a successful person and enjoy life with beloved ones. I am very thankful for the bless and I would love to share my fortunate life events and to inspire my blog readers.

Travel and feel grateful for all the bless…

Gelato Traveler, Indonesia, 12th to 17th June  2013



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5 responses to “My First Trip with A Minister

  1. Wow, that looks amazing! What an incredible experience!

    • Salut Liesbet,
      Merci pour ta visite. Personellement, je te felicite pour ta victoire de Big Blog Exchange. Donc, je suis sure que tu auras les plus merveilleuses histoires au but du juin 😉

      • Coucou,
        merci beaucoup! Je suis votre blog depuis le BBE (je viens de le “follower” officiellement depuis aujourd’hui 🙂 ) et j’ai adoré entre autres vos petits passages en Belgique (avec Pairi Daiza, ça a dû être rigolo pour toi :p). Je viens de découvrir aussi que tu as étudié le français! Génial! Est-ce que tu l’utilises beaucoup?
        Je suis curieuse de lire plus sur vos prochaines aventures ….

      • Chere Liesbet,

        J’etais tres content pendant mes sejournees en Belge. En fait, je l’ai visite avec mon copin et afin de rencontrer mon amie intime. As-tu deja visite Pairi Daiza? Si tu n’as pas encore de temps a visiter l’Indonesie, stp vas-tu a Pairi Daiza! Il se trouve un parc qui represente les paysages des iles en Indonesie :D. J’aime bien la Belge, surtout pour le choco et le gaufre.
        Oui, j’utilise francais pour travailler, mais pas bcp :p. Si je retourne en Belge, je te previendrais. C’est un plaisir a rencontrer un blogger de l’autre pays 😉

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