New Zealand Visit Part 2

Honestly, I want to write and share more about my journey in New Zealand. But, I have to keep it low because Tourism New Zealand orders me to write my complete report to be published in  My Trip Magazine Volume 25 published in December 2015 and Female Magazine Indonesia issued in January 2016 only for Indonesian speaking readers. At least, I still can show you some teasers about how exclusively New Zealand had treated and spoiled me during my trip in Auckland, Waiheke Island, Wellington, Christchurch, Lake Tekapo and Queenstown. Don’t envy me! 😛

I haven’t showed you everything. I still have some footage to edit. Oh yeah, some more photos were uploaded on instagram: gelato_traveler. Please follow us too! I want to finish my new travel website for English speaking travelers, but it seems that I have to postpone it until after new year. I am very loaded at the moment and at the same time, I want to enjoy life and have fun with my friends. The scholarship application period is coming too. But the project is progressing. Thank you for my friends who are helping me for free. Soon, in the future I hope that I can value you more! 😉

After all, I am so grateful of how lucky I am to travel for free because for almost a year, I have been trying to find and to fulfill myself. This journey in New Zealand helps me a lot to improve myself to become a better plus happier person and gain better perspectives to see the world and my life. The circle isn’t yet completed, therefore I am still shooting my stars to other countries. Which will be the next country to explore? I don’t know yet. I just let the universe guide me… (temporarily reaching a state of Zen) 🙂

Gelato Traveler, Jakarta, Indonesia, 25th October 2015


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