Youth Go Travel’s 2015 Flashback

IMG_4039I can’t believe that 2015 is about to end. Some people may not like to do flashback, but not me. Doesn’t mean that I live in the pass! But it’s great to memorize what I’ve done and thought new solutions to make things better in the future! So I appreciate every year that goes by in my life with meaningful and peachy changes. When I write this, I don’t have any intention to brag how great my life is this year. I simply just want to thank my family and friends who have helped me to realize at least two of my resolutions made in the end 2014. The first one is to grow stronger and better each day and the second one is to travel with less money but more adventure! 😀


The beginning of 2015 wasn’t very good for me as I was in the middle of confusion to let go or to come back with somebody who was used to travel and to see the world with me. Thank you for my mom who screamed at me and delivered an epiphany to be a strong girl, and my dad who gave me a car to gain back my confidence and independence. My brothers, Rendi who communicates and shares with me again and Harris who’s always be so romantic and playful. Also for Emma, Pavel, Hesti, Gema, Zeva, Nikola, Ms. Hana, Ibu Sofa, Diyas and Hani who are always there every time I need somebody to talk to relieve the pain and burden in my heart. 

juheAlso, thanks to my psychologist, Juhe who never charges any money to help me to overcome my anxiety problem. Because of her, I know that I don’t need anyone to calm me down. The key is only inside me and how I can control myself.


While trying to find and grow myself, I got green light to conduct coverage in the Czech Republic thanks to Mayawati-the editor of My Trip Magazine, my previous boss at the office, CzechTourism and Emirates. Thanks to FikaJulia who gave me a wardrobe on this trip and shared exceptional goals while still young. 


Eventually, I chose not to meet my former significant other during that occasion  because I had my reasons and doubts. It was my first time traveling to Europe without him in almost three years.I had never imagined that I could cry sobbingly due to sadness when receiving my flight ticket to travel for free. But show had to go on!

cekoI met my Erasmus friends in the Czech Republic, namely Vendy, Pavel and Jiri. I also visited my ISFiT friends in Poland: Andrzej and Agnieszka -from whom I got new friends. Thank you guys, for hosting me and reserving your precious time for me. At that time, I also really missed student life. My utmost wish was to be granted a scholarship to continue my study.

Well, life isn’t always up! I was only in the waiting list of 3 scholarships that I applied for. I was too busy to stabilize my physics and psychic after the dooms day of a long-term relationship, to be aware that I was too late to apply for affordable universities in Europe. Then, I realized that I hadn’t saved much for the past three years due to an expensive long distance relationship. Doesn’t mean that I regret it! Not at all. It was one of the happiest moments to experience traveling with somebody that I had invested my feeling, time and financial means. 

with saerah

I believe that if I fail once, I must try again and again with better strategies! I have been trying again to apply for scholarships and work so hard to save money. I must thank Saerah and his kind boyfriend who have helped me to edit my cover letter. She also introduced me to high-profile with low-profile attitude friends who work in international development and multinational organizations from whom I am always inspired to get better future career. Indeed, Saerah and I started a project related to traveling -which I am mostly guilty too busy to continue it due to working on money making projects. I still think that we will realize this project, if I can have some time to write before I start my studies next year.

10834238_1014446868579139_885319848_oFrom this alluring Balinese girl, I also met Raisa – a Brazilian model who told me a valuable wisdom that I will never forget. Let me share with y’all again. She said, “I am happy to be single and when somebody with me, I will be happy not only because of him. I will be happy because I am a happy person. And my man, he will be happy not only because of me. He is happy because he is a happy person. So we are two happy persons who are happier of being together. Not half persons who become one. I am one and complete. I am happy!”. Her words gave me an enlightenment that in order to be happy, it must come from my heart, not somebody. 🙂

emmaFurthermore, this time I am also getting ready with Plan B. Thank you my everlasting friend, Emma from whom I have always asked information about my potential studies. Thank you for your support and help to keeping my lights of hope to study still radiant! I hope to meet you soon. 🙂


fajar & blogger

Then I began to appreciate small adventures in West Java. Thank you Fajar for accompanying around Bandung and eating strawberries. My blogger friends, namely Taufan and Bart who were showing me and Hendra -one of my favorite travel blogger/writer, around Bogor. I bet they won’t forget culinary adventure with me, especially the spilled soup and the bouncing meatball moments. XD

A roller-coaster life brought me down again because I had to give up my ice cream business. Nevertheless, I am still fond of ice cream. I have vowed to myself that I will make my own business, with better strategy in the near future! But it seemed that the world wanted me to explore again instead of being a business woman!

nzWith my humble and reliable editor who has contradictory travel style with me, we were invited by Tourism New Zealand to jaunt like stellar travelers. I also met Zita, who was participating with me in ISWI – a student festival in Ilmenau, Germany.

It didn’t mean that I wasn’t grateful with 5 star trips for free with a highly experienced traveler who is also a cooperative co-worker, twice a year. But still, something was missing during my journeys.



Few weeks after coming back to New Zealand. Gijs told me about a plan to go to Bromo Volcano National Park with Paul and Robin. I had traveled to Safari Park before going to New Zealand with Gijs, Paul and Volkan (Turkish) with a secret unforgettable twist while driving back home :P. That’s why, I was delighted to travel with these “peaceful” Dutch people again.


I knew them from Miriam (Spanish) who lived in ‘Sunrise’ studio apartments. Miriam was introduced to me by Anna and Anna  who were both Czech interns at my office. Then I became friends with Carlos (Spanish), Tarik (Austrian), Martin (Indonesian) and so on. FYI, Carlos has a mini cooper and that’s the important reason for me to visit him in Barcelona next year. 😉

From friends to friends, in the end I am in the circle of Sunrise people, with multicultural people in my own city, Jakarta. For those who have lived and worked in multicultural environment must know well how great this kind of supranational environment is. I used to hate living in this city, but thanks to these great people that I have met, I enjoy my temporary life here.

IMG-20151222-WA0004Due to a circumstance, at the moment I live in another studio apartments mostly occupant with Indonesian people. Funnily, I am stuck with Chris (German) and Ondra (Czech) who have been very nice neighbors. Thank you for letting me using your food stock, buying me ice cream, eating your dinner, taking me home if I’m passed out, playing cards on the roof top, carrying me on your back if I am too lazy to walk… >:D

Anyway, back to travel thingy thanks to Gijs my tall travel whisperer and Paul, my guardian traveler. Then, we traveled to Bromo Volcano National Park and Batu City along with Robin (Dutch), Jule (German), Dila (Singaporean), Judith, Paula (Spanish) and Daniel (Colombian). That trip fulfilled me completely! The connection and companionship while traveling that what I was looking for! They were also my partial-sponsors for this trip. Thank you guys! On our flight back to Jakarta, I cried due to happiness and a bit of sadness. Why was I sad? Can be that I am just a human being who’s never satisfied. Thus, I am going to put that in my resolution list 2016. 

It’s been a wonderful year for me and YouthGoTravel with new travel experiences and friends. Does it mean I am forgetting my former travel mate? Even if I try, my “elephant memory” will not help me at all. He is now a friend of mine, though at the moment technically a friend on Facebook only.

All my friends bespoken here are always be part of my life. It depends on them how big their parts based on how strong they build the connection with me  now and in the future. Meanwhile, I try to immortalize and share the stories about them related to my travel experience on YouthGoTravel.

I thank to my God and universe for giving me the bless, luck, hustle and amazing life surrounded by great people. I am happy! I choose to spend this New Year’s Eve with a small party with some friends, give a little time to share what I have had with the needy and then I let myself to reflect while preparing a new list of resolutions 2016.


DSC09145For the beginning of the year, some opportunities are already in my hand from two different continents. The results depend on how good I am to optimize the chances. Then, I will just let the universe take me to the places where I belong. If in the end I have to choose, I hope that the universe will whisper me the best answer for my life, at least for 5 years ahead.

At last, I want to say Happy New Year 2016. I wish you all more journeys, adventure and blessings to come. Remember to Travel and Be Forever Young! It is a fact! When I had mini cooper test drive session, the salesman thought that I was still in Senior High School! Talking about mini cooper, I can feel it that it’s getting closer to be mine. I can’t wait for the future. Meanwhile, let’s be a happy and better person day by day! 😉

Gelato Traveler, Jakarta-Indonesia, 31st December 2015






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7 responses to “Youth Go Travel’s 2015 Flashback

  1. Seru bangeeet, hidupmu tahun ini Mia. Semoga tahun 2016 lebih sukses dan seru yaaa 🙂

  2. Fathia

    seru sekali 2015 ya 😀 semoga di 2016 bisa tambah seru dan banyak inspiring journey nya ya kak 😀

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