YouthGoTravel Goes to Queensland

DSC_0014“Why do we fall, Sir? So we can learn to pick ourselves up,” is the word of wisdoms from Alfred Pennyworth or Bruce Wayne’s butler that I always take for granted. In the end of 2015, I got invited to the Australia Awards’ IELTS test and interview session. I was very sure that I would nail this opportunity, yet unfortunately the result wasn’t exactly what I had expected. At the end, I believe that everything has been scheduled and planned well in my life by my God and the universe. All I need to do is knocking the doors and see which ones are open to explore and from where I will meet new exciting people!

On my birthday this year, I received one of the dreadful e-mails that I’ve ever had, confirming that I wasn’t successfully granted with the Australia Award. I had known that the e-mail would come because two days before, those who would receive the scholarships had been notified. I thank to Saerah, my Sydney bestie who were there from checking my cover letter, the interview preparation until the due date where I had to swallow the bitter pills again. She was very sure that I would go to Australia and to pursue my studies, as I was very assured. My body was very ready for Australia, the whole new world for me.

Then, I called Ondra, another best friend who had helped me a lot during the preparation of my interview session. I almost cried when I told him about another failure for my scholarship application. At the end of the conversation, he told me that I was beautiful (he’s one of guys who tell me this adoration but I always make face or roll my eyes because I don’t believe so :p), smart and have charms to make people pay for my stuff (which most of my friends really agree). He comforted me that it would work eventually.

“Six months afterwards, in August 2016 I thanked him for these words, because I collaborated with Tourism Australia which sponsoring me to have trips in Queensland.”

How initially could I cooperate with Tourism Australia? Because my body had told me that I would be in Australia and it was right from the beginning, but not for studying. I heard the radio advertisement about a Tourism Australia’s event in Jakarta who happened to be located near my best entrepreneur friend, Rani Journey‘s brand new apartment. So I contacted her to sleep over in her apartment for the first time and we went to the spot on the next day. I was very lucky that I could directly meet the Manager of Tourism Australia, gave him 5 minutes presentation about myself and MyTrip magazine. He gave me his business card and we said goodbye. Rani was astonished because how quick the meeting was and I saw the manager left my magazine on the table then he left the venue which made me hope that he was so impressed about my quick preview so he didn’t need to keep the proof of my work.

Three months after the meeting, when I was having a fever in Saudi Arabia, my editor messaged me about the first follow-up from Tourism Australia after the long suspension. I was actually ready to move on from the imagination of exploring Australia for free. At last, que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be)!!! 😀 The first person that I told about it was Saerah! From her, I was introduced to her Brisbane friend named Sahba.

gjaflThe first time I met him, I knew that we would be a good friend. He wore a t-shirt with elephant image which he had bought in Nepal which was a huge sign for an elephant lover like me. Indeed, he’s a great photographer. I love to see the city lights from rooftop and he took me his secret places around Brisbane where I could see the splendid night view of the city. Then I remembered about the University of Queensland, where I would had applied if I had been granted for the scholarship. He took me there. 🙂 We went all around the university with his motorbike. It truly completed my sweet revenge! 😀 For the last spot, he took me to Mt. Coo-Tha Lookout, where I could see almost the whole Brisbane city lights from above while enjoying a scoop of gelato that he bought for me.


Brisbane was very beautiful and livable, indeed the UQ was an extraordinary and prestigious place to study. But there’s something missing when I was there. Maybe that’s why I am not ended there…It’s different to the country where I am heading to, for pursuing my studies. Though, I love Gold Coast and Moreton Island because it’s simply nearby the long beaches and I am Aquarius (the water-holic). I visited DreamWorld, took pictures with Koalas and Kangaroos, had a view from above by SeaWorld helicopter and feed dolphins in their habitat and many other activities as VIP guest that I was very grateful to experience without paying anything.

DSC_0114As I hoped after finishing my last travel writing project, during this whole trip I was accompanied by my travel mate/friend/coworker, Mayawati Nurhalim. For me, she’s the coolest and most humble editor/boss and I am very lucky that I had met her and have continued to work together with her. When she’s around, my work was a lot easier. I know more projects to come with MyTrip Magazine. I also had a guide escort named Paul Manias who happens to be a senior travel writer. One thing amazed me about him was the way he talked about his wife. After all the trips and adventures, he found the one and lives happily ever after with two beautiful sons. He gave me a hint that I needed someone maturer than me, who also loved traveling, could travel with me and didn’t mind when I traveled alone. I told him that I wasn’t expecting that perfection, but we would see…

On my last dinner at Bazaar Restaurant, in QT Hotel where I was staying (I really love this hotel and I highly recommend it to everyone who are planning to visit Gold Coast), the waitress welcoming us was from Montpellier whom I talked to right away in French. It felt like the universe already calling me for the right country where I belong.

I am now relieved that I found some answers during this trip why I didn’t get the scholarship in Australia. Now, I’m feeling to moving on to the designated country where I even hadn’t had any thought about living there when I visited this country for the first time in 2014. They said, you’ll find what you search for when you least expect it. I will see how it is as I am flying there in couple days, as I wish to find a time to write a novel that I always think of. At last, I believe that it’ll come when it’s the right time…But I have a tight deadline for the “All about Australia”and big packing :p …But anyway, last words, I want thank to my persons who always be on my back! Cheers guys! 🙂

Travel and be forever young!

Gelato Traveler, 5th September 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia 




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  1. so inspiring 🙂 but, why don’t u try for work holiday visa Australia? ^^

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