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YouthGoTravel Goes to Flanders

visit flandersI realize when you think that you want to grow more, sometimes you must move on. This year, the biggest thing that I have to let go is my full-time job. The job which allowed me to travel with a minister and gave me the first real press trip. Eventually, I decided to resign last month and to focus on my future plan. No good result from scholarships that I had applied for yet. I am a bit worried about financial issue to study in Europe with my own savings, though. I try my best not to ask my parents for sponsoring my studies, however they always try to help me with some stuff. I believe that I have learned enough in the last 3 years to work hard and seize up my opportunities.

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Lasting Friendship with a Sweet Belgian Girl

548158_3609694967407_805311712_nFew weeks ago, I had a terrible traffic accident. The culprit ran a way with his motorcycle leaving me with a broken side mirror. I was terribly in shocked. As a person who has anxiety disorder, sleeping isn’t the best way to forget a problem. Inevitably, my middle name changed to insomnia that night…Around 2 AM, I received WA messages from my half-Belgian twin, Emma.  I knew that she was very busy with moving into her new apartment and PhD research about Alzheimer. That’s why I was fully excited when she contacted me and arranged Skype meeting while being vulnerable that night. They say, you will notice the best people in your life when you have connections every time you need them. I can’t agree more…

That small chat continued to time machine which brought me to beautiful memories from the first time I knew her to the days when I visited her twice in Belgium. First time, it was a special occasion to visit her in her hometown and the second one I stopped by during my Euro Road Trip. Continue reading

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YouthGoTravel Channel – Road Trip (Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands)

At the beginning of this year, we finally did our first road trip in Europe together. We drove across Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Netherlands. We had time to visit our best Belgian friend, Emma in her hometown Liege again. Our first fun visit can be read here or watch here. Then we went to shopping together in Maastricth. Would like to be bad guys at the coffee shop, but the new law there forbade us to do so. At last, this road trip was a great experiences that you must try while you are young 🙂

Gelato and Jacknass Traveler, across Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands

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More than Just Waffle

More than Just A Waffle

This Photo was taken on 24th of June 2012. It was our first day in Brussels. The first sweety thing for us to taste in this marvelous city was waffle, one of signature dish of Belgium. Indeed, it is so easy to find this dessert, especially near the Mannekin Pis spot. Started from 1 EUR, we could already taste fluffy and warm waffle. For extra topping, like chocolate, sliced fresh fruit, whipped cream, etc just pay some more euros. So just name what’s your waffle flavor when you’re visiting Belgium :3

Gelato and Jacknass Traveler, Belgium


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Historical Site at The Back of Youth Hostel in Mons

Historical Site at The Back of Youth Hostel in Mons

This photo was taken on 23rd June 2012, in Mons. When we were searching about the accommodation in Mons, and the only one that we could book was Les Auberges de Jeunesse, a Youth Hostel under the flag of Hostelling International. It was very easy to find the hostel, because it’s situated next to the UNESCO World Heritage, Beffroi de Mons. It was a great experience to stay next to historical building constructed in 17th  century, but with price for youth ;).

Gelato  Traveler and Jacknass Traveler, Belgium

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