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YouthGoTravel Goes to Queensland

DSC_0014“Why do we fall, Sir? So we can learn to pick ourselves up,” is the word of wisdoms from Alfred Pennyworth or Bruce Wayne’s butler that I always take for granted. In the end of 2015, I got invited to the Australia Awards’ IELTS test and interview session. I was very sure that I would nail this opportunity, yet unfortunately the result wasn’t exactly what I had expected. At the end, I believe that everything has been scheduled and planned well in my life by my God and the universe. All I need to do is knocking the doors and see which ones are open to explore and from where I will meet new exciting people!

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YouthGoTravel Goes to Flanders

visit flandersI realize when you think that you want to grow more, sometimes you must move on. This year, the biggest thing that I have to let go is my full-time job. The job which allowed me to travel with a minister and gave me the first real press trip. Eventually, I decided to resign last month and to focus on my future plan. No good result from scholarships that I had applied for yet. I am a bit worried about financial issue to study in Europe with my own savings, though. I try my best not to ask my parents for sponsoring my studies, however they always try to help me with some stuff. I believe that I have learned enough in the last 3 years to work hard and seize up my opportunities.

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New Zealand Visit Part 1

It’s been a great journey in New Zealand, unfortunately it’s about to finish soon. But for sure, I am coming back to this Kiwi country because there are many things that I haven’t explored yet. Indeed, the guys (locals and foreigners) here are very nice and fun. So single girls out there, I would recommend you to visit New Zealand not only for holidays, but also maybe you’ll accidentally find your match here ;).

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Let the Magic Happen with Dorotea Gale

Untitled4I love to meet new people, especially those who I can feel deep connection with. Like the meeting with my new expatriate fellows. Here goes the story…I was late like a half hour to a Spanish puppet show and the manager of the artists didn’t let me in. Instead of going home right away, I was waiting until the show finished. Actually, I didn’t know the reason why I stayed. At that moment, I just didn’t want to leave, like something hold me to stay…

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Souvenirs from Czech Republic and FikaJulia

Untitled4 The great trip in Czech Republic is over, but the joyful reminiscence of the journey still lingers all over me. Thank you Czech Tourism and Embassy of Czech Republic in Jakarta for organizing the trips in Prague, Kutna Hora, Pilsen, Karlovy Vary, Cesky Krumlov, Brno and Olomouc. Moreover, I am willing to share my happiness with Youth Travelers, not only through my writings and reports, but also by giving away small souvenirs in the form of fridge magnets of Prague and travel notes from FikaJulia! 😉 Continue reading


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