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Festival Palang Pintu

festival-palang-pintu_18052015p1 I am in learning process to run my ice cream business which I consider to be quiet difficult but also fun. By doing this business, I meet new people and participate in fun events. On 6th to 7th June, I sold my ice cream in Festival Palang Pintu in Kemang, South Jakarta. The result of my selling wasn’t as good as I expected but I gained new experiences, learned how do better promotion next time and had good time with my mom and friends.

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Let the Magic Happen with Dorotea Gale

Untitled4I love to meet new people, especially those who I can feel deep connection with. Like the meeting with my new expatriate fellows. Here goes the story…I was late like a half hour to a Spanish puppet show and the manager of the artists didn’t let me in. Instead of going home right away, I was waiting until the show finished. Actually, I didn’t know the reason why I stayed. At that moment, I just didn’t want to leave, like something hold me to stay…

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YouthGoTravel Channel – Indonesian Fashion Photoshoot in Kaunas

After watching the behind the scene, kindly watch the result of our multicultural project undertaken on 24th March 2012. As Indonesia, I am very proud that Batik, the traditional Indonesian fabric becomes World Intangible Heritage of UNESCO. Therefore, Batik can be wore internationally! It’s traditional, but it can adjust any kind of style. Just check on the video, to prove it ;

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by | April 24, 2013 · 7:35 pm

YouthGoTravel Channel – Behind The Scene of Indonesian Fashion Photo Shoot in Kaunas

This video was made on 24th March to documenting our multicultural fashion project. It had been posted on a post. However, I just want to tell you that you can watch it as well on YouthGoTravel Channel on Youtube. Hope you enjoy the video, as well as I enjoy every moment doing this multicultural project.

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by | April 24, 2013 · 6:33 pm

Indonesian Cultural Night with ESN VMU


             As I had mentioned on my previous post about my Erasmus semester in Kaunas, I managed to present my country in Cultural Night, organized by Erasmus Student Network of Vytautas Magnus University. If you missed how great my Erasmus period was, you may check it out here.

            Indeed, As the first Indonesian student who had been studying in VMU, I had a huge burden to make a blast impression on the first Indonesian Cultural Night in Kaunas. Although I was alone, I had so several Erasmus Students who were ready to help me in some projects.

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