Travel Stories

On Youth Go Travel Blog (YGT), you can choose Travel Stories to read by categories which are divided based on the post contents. Here the list of YGT travel stories :

1. Travel and Adventure : posts about adventurous stories in foreign countries.

2. Travel and Contest : information about travel contests that provide main prizes to have exchange experiences, travel

opportunities and so on.

3. Travel and Culture: travel experiences while exchanging cultures.

4. Travel and Drinks : not only about liquor but also refreshing ones at recommended pubs, lounges, and bars.

5. Travel and Fashion : dazzling style and clothing suited to each nations.

6. Travel and Festival : experiences of international festivals which were held for multinational participants.

7. Travel and Food : all about tummy pleasure in restaurants, bistros, cafe providing not only tasty foods but also unique


8. Travel and People : rendez-vous with great and inspirational people

9. Travel and Places : references of cool hang out places around the world

Be ready to get excited more…



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