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Hey ho people! I am proudly announce that after deliberating for a bout a month, some Indonesian bloggers Swap Blog on 1st July 2013. What is Swap Blog? Swap Blog is a project initiated by 8 Indonesian bloggers which had participated in Big Blog Exchange 2013. Unfortunately, none of us successfully secured a place as the 10 world wide bloggers to exchange life for 10 days. However, we still keep in contact and as for me, it was my first time knowing other Indonesian bloggers. We’re writing about different kind of theme but with the same interest in traveling. And the result of this community is Swap Blog, the project that allows the swappers to exchange their articles based on the theme decided by the Swapper Host of The Month!

Lucky A, that’s me 😀 . For the very first Swap Blog edition, I am appointed as the Swapper Host of The Month! So after making a quick drawing, I made the Swap List of July 2013 based on the initial 8 swappers. And here the list of swappers’ pseudonyms and their blogs for the beginning of this project :

  1. Gelato Traveler : YouthGoTravel
  2. Tukang Minggat : Let’s Escape
  3. Honeylizious : Honeylizious
  4. Omnduut : La Rêveur Vrai
  5. Aphroditeluvapple : Aphroditeluvapple’s Blog
  6. Emak Gaoel : Blog Emak Gaoel
  7. The Geologist : The Notes
  8. Dua Badai : d.u.a Badai

All updates of swapped articles can be check on Swap Blog. Promise you that all the articles will be diverse and interesting! At last, it’s open project. So anyone who is interested to join, please contact one of the bloggers mentioned above 😉 .

Happy blogging all swappers!

Travel, blogging and exchange your ideas!

Gelato Traveler, Indonesia, 2nd June 2013


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