YouthGoTravel Goes to Queensland

DSC_0014“Why do we fall, Sir? So we can learn to pick ourselves up,” is the word of wisdoms from Alfred Pennyworth or Bruce Wayne’s butler that I always take for granted. In the end of 2015, I got invited to the Australia Awards’ IELTS test and interview session. I was very sure that I would nail this opportunity, yet unfortunately the result wasn’t exactly what I had expected. At the end, I believe that everything has been scheduled and planned well in my life by my God and the universe. All I need to do is knocking the doors and see which ones are open to explore and from where I will meet new exciting people!

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YouthGoTravel Goes to Saudi Arabia

gkugufjhfTo have a happy life, I believe that everything should be balance, importantly my hedonistic and religious side. Like my favorite religious architect, Antoni Gaudi who had built the wonderful Sagrada Familia but still he didn’t want to construct something higher than what God had created, Montjuïc hill. So, after having a long sabatical period in Europe this year, though a part of the journey was for my travel writing project with Visit Flanders, I wanted to travel differently this year. As my decision, I flew to Saudi Arabia.

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YouthGoTravel Goes to Flanders

visit flandersI realize when you think that you want to grow more, sometimes you must move on. This year, the biggest thing that I have to let go is my full-time job. The job which allowed me to travel with a minister and gave me the first real press trip. Eventually, I decided to resign last month and to focus on my future plan. No good result from scholarships that I had applied for yet. I am a bit worried about financial issue to study in Europe with my own savings, though. I try my best not to ask my parents for sponsoring my studies, however they always try to help me with some stuff. I believe that I have learned enough in the last 3 years to work hard and seize up my opportunities.

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Youth Go Travel’s 2015 Flashback

IMG_4039I can’t believe that 2015 is about to end. Some people may not like to do flashback, but not me. Doesn’t mean that I live in the pass! But it’s great to memorize what I’ve done and thought new solutions to make things better in the future! So I appreciate every year that goes by in my life with meaningful and peachy changes. When I write this, I don’t have any intention to brag how great my life is this year. I simply just want to thank my family and friends who have helped me to realize at least two of my resolutions made in the end 2014. The first one is to grow stronger and better each day and the second one is to travel with less money but more adventure! 😀 Continue reading


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New Zealand Visit Part 2

Honestly, I want to write and share more about my journey in New Zealand. But, I have to keep it low because Tourism New Zealand orders me to write my complete report to be published in  My Trip Magazine Volume 25 published in December 2015 and Female Magazine Indonesia issued in January 2016 only for Indonesian speaking readers. At least, I still can show you some teasers about how exclusively New Zealand had treated and spoiled me during my trip in Auckland, Waiheke Island, Wellington, Christchurch, Lake Tekapo and Queenstown. Don’t envy me! 😛

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